Sharepoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 Reporting Service

SSRS 2012 Configuration Steps in SharePoint 2013

To configure SSRS 2012 in SharePoint 2013 follow below steps

To configure SSRS Service Click on SQL SERVER 2012 Setup.


 Once setup starts please follow below steps.

clip_image0081 (1)

Create a new SQL Server stand-alone installation.







Select the items that will be useful on the development box. Not all items are required and many, other than the core Database Engine Services, can be left unchecked.


Scroll down and select additional features as needed. Client tools should be checked unless the SQL Server will be managed remotely.



The installer will validate the environment against the selected features.








Once Reporting Service installed go to Add Remove Program and Remove Reporting Service Add-on for SharePoint.

Download and install latest SharePoint Add on from Microsoft Site.

Once SharePoint SSRS is installed on server we need to configure SharePoint to use that Service.

Make sure that you restart your server while every new installation service add-on and SQL server installation.

Configuration SharePoint 2013 to use SSRS 2012

To configure SharePoint 2013 with SQL Server 2012 Reporting Service we need to configure as below.

Open SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.


Click on Manage Service Application

Click on New -> SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application


Once you click on it, it will open create Report Service Application Creation wizard.



Give name and also select Application from list and click on OK button.

Once you click OK it will create new SSRS service in SharePoint 2013 and now we are ready to use this service in our SharePoint Web application/Site.

To use SSRS Service in Site we need to activate SSRS feature in SharePoint Sites.

Go to Sites -> Site Settings -> Site Collection Feature and activate Report Server Integration Feature and Power View Integration Feature.



Once above feature is activated in Site we can add report in library.

Configuration Steps to display SSRS Report in Document Library.

Create Document Library

Once you created library go to

Library -> Library Settings -> Advanced settings

Go to -> Allow management of content types?  And select “Yes” option

Once you allow content type new “Content Types” section will be available in library settings tab.

Click on – > Add from existing site content types

From Drop down option of “Select site content types from” select “SQL Server Reporting Services Content Types”


Select required content type and add it in Library.

Once you add Reporting Services Content Types to library then you can see SSRS Report option in Document library


Upload SQL Report in Library.


Input your SQL Server Credential on above screen.

If report contains parameter then pass that required parameter to report.


Once you enter proper parameter then report will be display.



From above steps we can successfully configure Sharepoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 Reporting Service and display Report.