SharePoint Get GUID Of List and Columns

While developing SharePoint solution code we require GUID of List and Columns Id.We can easily get this using below format

Custom List:

Note that this list has 2 columns
To view GUID for this list Navigate to list settings.

Once we Navigate to List settings we are able to see below URL. Copy Full URL from browser 

Replace the following characters as follows:
%7B to {
%2D to –
%7D to }

Once you replace above encoded character then list GUID will available which is {2CB2E87A-04CD-445A-9201-4F41FD8EF9A1}

To View all Columns and files inside this list change or append URL as below

When we type above url it will open or download xml file which file has all information regarding list and its columns with GUID.

Here SourceID indicates GUID for List and ID indicates Column ID.


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