How to write File from Byte Array

To Write File Form Byte array use below Code
// File name contain Full fule Path or FileName

public bool ByteArrayToFile(string _FileName, byte[] _ByteArray)

System.IO.FileStream _FileStream = new System.IO.FileStream(_FileName, System.IO.FileMode.Create, System.IO.FileAccess.Write);
_FileStream.Write(_ByteArray, 0, _ByteArray.Length);
return true;
catch (Exception _Exception)
Console.WriteLine(“Exception caught in process: {0}”, _Exception.ToString());
return false;



Sharepoint Creating a Site Collection with PowerShell

Powershell Script to Create Site colletion 

$siteURL = “http://Dell-pc:9999”
$owner = “nrathod”
$template = “STS#0”
$description = “This is a sample site that was built using PowerShell.”
New-SPSite $siteURL -OwnerAlias $owner -name “PowerShell for SharePoint” -Template $template -Description $description

SSRS Show column headers on all pages in SSRS Report

Select the Tablix that you want to repeat column headers for by clicking on it.



At the bottom of the screen, find the “Row Groups” and “Column Groups” section.



In the “Row Groups” section, locate the top-outermost “static” row and click on it.

In the properties pane, you need to set the following TWO properties:
-RepeatOnNewPage = True
-KeepWithGroup = After


This will work for simple Header row if you have any other situation than you may refer below link