Windows 10 : Destination Folder Access Denied. Need Permissions to Perform this Action

To resolve mentioned issue

Please follow below steps

Press Windows key + R and type control userpasswords2 and click OK
Select the user name and click Properties
Click on Group Membership
Make sure Administrator option is selected
Also, click the option Other and select Administrator from dropdown
Click Apply and then OK
Restart the computer and check

For more reference please find follow below Microsoft Forum URL


SQL Server 2012 – Ctrl+R Show/Hide Results Pane missing

To use Ctrl+R in SQL Server 2012 use below steps

1) Open SSMS.
2) Go to Tools -> Options.
3) In the left panel click on “Keyboard” for selecting it.
4) Once “Keyboard” is selected in top of the right panel press the “Reset” button.
5) Answer “yes” to the question dialog “Keyboard mappings will reset to their defaults. Continue ?”
6) Click OK in the Options dialog.

After following above steps you are able to use Ctrl+R and other SQL Server Short Cut methods which was working as per older version or expectation.