SharePoint APPS – Deployment Subscription Settings Service Configuration Issue

While deploying SharePoint APP I am getting an error
“The Subscription Settings service and corresponding application and proxy needs to be running in order to make changes to these settings.”

To resolve this issue App Management and a Subscription Settings Service Application and that needs to be created and started.

Why we need to create App Management Service?

Apps rely on the App Management and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings service applications. These service applications use the multi-tenancy features to provide app permissions and create the sub domains for apps. Therefore, even if you are not hosting multiple tenants, you must still establish a name for the default tenant for your environment (any SharePoint site that is not associated with a tenant will be in the default tenant).

Powershell Script to configure Subscription Settings

Get-SPManagedAccount NRWEBS\nilesh
$appPool = New-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name SubscriptionServiceAppPool -Account $account
$serviceApp = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication -ApplicationPool $appPool -name “Subscription Settings Service Application” -DatabaseName “SP2013DEV-SubscriptionSettingsDB”
$serviceAppProxy = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy -ServiceApplication $serviceApp

Once Service is configured , Start services as shown in above image.

As both required service are started now we are able to deploy SharePoint APP.

But before that we also needs to Configure APP URLs.

To Configure APP URL

  • Go to Central Administration
  • Click on “Apps” in the left side navigation
  • Click “Configure App URLs”

  • Fill in the URL of the app domain that you configured.
  • Fill in an app prefix.

Once APP URL is configured we can deploy our APP without an error.


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