SharePoint Document archive using SharePoint Designer Workflow

Scenario: We have document library “Orders”. When customer’s order is created, Order Detail (document) is going to uploaded in “Orders” Document library. Company user can receive or download the order and can prepare product according to order derail. Once the order is completed designated representative will change the order status from “In Progress” to “Complete”. When list item is changed Workflow runs and it will move the Order Document to “Order Completed” Document Library.

To implement above scenario, follow below steps:

Create Document Library named “Orders”

Add New Column in Orders document library named “Order Status”.

Order Status column in Choice Type with option “New, In Progress and Completed”

Create another document library named “Completed Orders”

Select Create a workflow in SharePoint Designer in “Orders” document library.

Enter name of workflow

In workflow add stage which copy current item in Completed Orders Document Library and then delete current item.

Set Workflow Start up Option

Publish Workflow

Once we publish workflow in Orders document library “Archive Completed Orders” column will be available

Upload document in Orders Document Library. By default, Order Status is New. Update the column value and set Completed as shown in Image.

Once we change Order Status Completed Workflow will move document to Completed Order Document Library.




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