SharePoint: Custom Icon for List Definition

SharePoint uses different icon size for Site Content and Content & Structure Pages. Site Content page uses icon size 96×96 while Content and Structure’s icon size is 16×16.

While applying new custom image or icon we need to consider above situation.

We have to use same image with different size and minor change in name.

Size of Image

  • Small image (16×16 px) à Image  name should starting with IT
  • Medium image (32×32 px) à Image name should starting with MG
  • Large image (96×96 px) à Image name should starting with LT

For this example I am using image as CustomImage.png and as per SharePoint Icon style their name will be

  • ITCustomImage.png
  • MGCustomImage.png
  • LTCustomImage.png

Visual Studio Image Reference Implementation

List Definition with Icon Image URL

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Elements xmlns="">
    <!-- Do not change the value of the Name attribute below. If it does not match the folder name of the List project item, an error will occur when the project is run. -->
    <ListTemplate Name="EmployeeInfo" Type="100" BaseType="0" OnQuickLaunch="TRUE" SecurityBits="11" Sequence="410" DisplayName="EmployeeInfo" Description="My List Definition" Image="/_layouts/15/images/ITCustomImage.png"/>

Once we deployed Solution, images will available in Layouts folder

Icon will appear on Site as below

Once List is Created ,icon will appear as below

Icon On Content and Structure Page



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