SharePoint Site Settings URL

I got this from web :

Page and Location


Purpose or Description



Site Default or home page


 Site Settings

Change site settings


 Users and Permissions

People and Groups






Collection Admins


 Look and Feel

Welcome page



Title, Description and Icon



 Change Site MAster Page



 Page layouts and Site Templates



 Enable Quick Launch and Tree View



 Site Theme





 Site Actions

 Manage Site Features



Save site as Template



 Reset page to site definition



 Delete this Site



 Site analytics reports



 Site Collection analytics reports



 Manage Site columns



 Manage site content types



Web Parts



 List Templates



 Master Pages








 Site Administration

 Regional Settings



 Site Libraries and Lists



 Regional Settings



 Language Settings



 User Alerts



 Site RSS



Search and Offline Availability



Sites and Workspaces






 Workflow Settings



Manage search scope for related links



Site Output Cache



 Term Store Management



 Searchable Columns



 Content and Structure



 Content and Structure logs





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