How to Setup App Domain on SharePoint Server 2016

To setup and configure APP Domain On SharePoint Server use below steps.

Open DNS Manager on Server

Find DNS and Open it

Select Forward Lookup Zone

Right Click on Forward Lookup Zone and Click on New Zone

It will start New Zone Wizard

Click on Next

Select Primary Zone

Click On Next

Select Second Option running all DNS server in this domain option

Click Next

Enter Zone Name

Click Next

Select Dynamic Update option Allow Only Secure Update

Click Next

Finish New Wizard.

Click on Finish

It will created newly assigned Forward Lookup Zone:

Right Click on and click on New Alias (CNAME)

Add New Resource Record

Here Add Alias Name “*” and set Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) by browse file selection and select existing server (same as parent folder) option.

Click OK

Now Lookup Forward Zone is configured here.

Next Step is to Configure SharePoint Service: App Management Service Application

Navigate to SharePoint Central Administration

Click on Application Management -> Manage Service Applications

Create App Management Service

Click New and Select App Management Service

It will create App Management Service as shown in image

Once Application is created run below command to setup

Run the SharePoint 2016 Management Shell as an administrator

Start the SPAdminV4 and SPTimerV4 service applications

net start SPAdminV4
net start SPTimerV4

Also Set the domain used to host apps to the new zone created above

Set-SPAppDomain ""

Start the AppManagementServiceInstance and SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceInstance service instances:

Get-SPServiceInstance | where{$_.GetType().Name -eq "AppManagementServiceInstance" -or $_.GetType().Name -eq "SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceInstance"} | Start-SPServiceInstance

Get-SPServiceInstance | where{$_.GetType().Name -eq "AppManagementServiceInstance" -or $_.GetType().Name -eq "SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceInstance"}

Create the SharePoint Subscription Service:

Note that I have used my server “SPS2012” here for SPManagedAccount you can use your own server.

$account = Get-SPManagedAccount "SPS2012"
$appPoolSubSvc = New-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name SettingsServiceAppPool -Account $account
$appPoolAppSvc = New-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name AppServiceAppPool -Account $account
$appSubSvc = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication –ApplicationPool $appPoolSubSvc –Name SettingsServiceApp –DatabaseName SettingsServiceDB
$proxySubSvc = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy –ServiceApplication $appSubSvc
$appAppSvc = New-SPAppManagementServiceApplication -ApplicationPool $appPoolAppSvc -Name AppServiceApp -DatabaseName AppServiceDB
$proxyAppSvc = New-SPAppManagementServiceApplicationProxy -ServiceApplication $appAppSvc

Set the name for the site subscription:

Set-SPAppSiteSubscriptionName -Name "app" -Confirm:$false

Here App Domain Service for SharePoint is configured successfully.

Now you can use App Service for your developer site or any other site collection.

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